A black diamond is full of inclusions (small imperfections stuck together which are formed within the earth’s surface) and is a real diamond. As these inclusions are many, they paint the entire stone black which gives out a stone-like appearance. 

Factors like Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat play an important role when you are buying diamonds from Avellinno. This diamond’s natural beauty adds a spectacular look to any kind of jewelry. We assure you that this diamond looks beautiful in the form of engagement rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, or other types of jewelry.

Generally, Black Diamonds Come in 2 Major Types. 1) Natural Black Diamonds 2) Heated Black Diamonds

Natural Black Diamonds 

Natural black stones are a carbonado, This is known as a polycrystalline structure who made up by diamond, graphite, and amorphous carbon. All natural diamonds formed between 1 to 3.4 billion years ago in the Earth's Mantle 250 km below the surface. Some sources suggest the existence of this type of diamond in outer space. 

Heated Black Diamonds 

Treated black diamonds are made from white diamonds that are usually extremely less valuable due to the high amount of inclusions in them. In their initial state, these diamonds are nearly low worth and are only used for industrial purposes.


however, with the help of high-temperature treatments such as irradiation or heat these diamonds are printed black. but this is the top process of making a diamond black. AAA is the top quality of treated black diamonds. the second name of these heated diamonds is "colorless black diamonds" or simply "black color diamonds'. these are the cheapest type of black diamonds.