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Rustic Diamonds

Are you the person who loves to be elegant and gets attracted by charm? Avellinno’s rustic diamonds will make you feel complete and pleased. Rustic Diamonds are ought to be perfect in their imperfections. Their look includes being smokey and cloudy with a touch of a contrasting color. Isn’t it perfect for fashionistas to pair this diamond with their experimental outfit? 


Engagement rings symbolize a depth of love between two people. A symbol of the commencement of a beautiful journey of a couple. With Avellinno’s rustic diamonds spark your journey of love with shine and warmness.

These diamonds are very unique and aesthetic. Moreover, they contain a very earthy and organic look that is both glamorous and understated. If you love to wear luxurious items then this one’s for you. Items like Necklace, earrings, bracelets, etc can be carved in this diamond. You call it, and we will make it. 

They come in colors like grey (salt and pepper), warm toffee, pink, orange, yellow, black, and some more. These colors are the by-product of different inclusions residing inside them. Rustic Diamond reflects individuality by being different from each other in many ways, just like us. Choose your diamond according to your personality and if ever you get stuck, we are there to help you. 


Are you confused about which shape to go for?


Rustic Diamonds in Princess Cut, Fancy Shape, Pear Shape, Emerald Cut, Rose Cut Rustic Diamond, and much more will surely soften your partner’s heart. The warm and sparkly glow in the diamonds can be carved in whatever shape you wish for. Avellinno is always there for you to help you smile. 


Avellinno very carefully embraces the factors like Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat used in the making of the rough diamond jewelry piece. We know that you want to make the wearer happy and that is why we very delicately carve them.

With the rising popularity of modern diamonds, these diamonds are a perfect choice to go for. It gives out a very vintage look if you choose a rose cut rustic diamond. Rose cuts were discovered in the 1500s and they used to shine in the candle lights. This cut is most loved by our customers and is the perfect idea for a gift to your partner. 


If sophistication and simplicity are your keys then Avellinno’s Rustic diamond is your lock. Open it and experience the world of shine and aesthetics.

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