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    Black Diamond Pear Shape

    Note : - All The Black Diamonds Are Treated Color


    Looking for Pear cut black diamonds Online? Then I must say that you are in the correct place. Avellinno Diamonds offers the best quality of Pear-cut black diamonds at the best ever prices. Another name for the pear cut is teardrop diamond. You will find these diamonds from size 4.00 mm to 14.00 mm in our store. If you want a bigger size than 14.0 mm then we can make them for you just on a custom order basis. With the 4.00 to 6.00 mm, size pear shape black diamonds one can use in art deco jewelry and antique diamond jewelry.


    You can set over 6.0 mm size fancy eye drop shapes as the center stone of pear engagement rings or high-end jewelry. Many famous jewelry designers choose a pear black diamond because of its unique shape. So why are you waiting for? Choose your pear cut black diamonds from our shop. our all black diamond stone are 100% conflict free, and we provide 30 days return policy at our all products.


    We have some 5.0mm to 3.0mm black pear diamond in calibrated size for making handmade jewelry, all the pear diamonds are come with rose cut shape which increase the quality and shinning of diamonds.

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