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    1. Black
    Diamond Shape
    1. Oval Cut
    Carat Weight
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    Black Diamond Oval Cut

    Note : - All The Black Diamonds Are Treated Color


    Black diamond oval cut refers to the longer and narrower looking stone. To have a slender look of your fingers, you may choose this shape of your diamond. This oval shape creates an illumination of bigger size than the stones of similar size and carat. With unique style and darker spots at the centre, oval diamond pieces are versatile choices.


    Oval shape diamond is the modify of a regular round cut diamond, and it looks fabulous when it is worn on the center finger of the hand. The quality of our stones is premium AAA who is the top quality of black diamonds.


    Due to the ratio of 1: 2 in the dimensions, the oval black diamond is accurate in the middle finger, and also looks a little different, perhaps that is why the demand for oval cut diamonds is seen increasing day by day.

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