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    Black Diamond Cushion Shape

    Note : - All The Black Diamonds Are Treated Color


    A timeless choice for beautifying your engagement ring with the cushion cut diamond. The striking brilliance and softened square of these cushion cuts are the most notable thing about the diamond. most of the buyers prefer black diamond cushion shapes. Cushion cut detect you unique choice. The Miner Cuts are rare choices, while the contemporary ones are the modified styles with varied facets. Cushion cut diamonds are the best for adorning your rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. 


    Our all cushion cut diamonds are come with the rose cut style, which present your jewelry more beautiful. We have available in 5mm to 8mm size loose pair diamonds in stock. all the black cushion diamonds are 100% Conflict-free. check out above the quality of stones.


    Cushion cut is a modifying from round brilliant cut pattern diamond, with a classic old mine diamond. This diamond typically has a soft square cut or even rectangular shape.

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